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– Can only go in and out for: public safety reasons, public health, humanitarian assistance, maintenance of public supply systems or public interest
– Preliminary permission from the director of the Integrated Center for Crisisis Management (IGC)
– Entries authorized only by land corridors at west, south and east entrances at 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm from 06:00 pm to 16:00 pm –
– Exchange of drivers and crew of authorized vehicles with prior disinfection of cabins.
– In the maritime corridor and airport – Crews remain on board or in international and social distance areas
– As a rule, staying at home.
– Only exceptions:
– receiving medical care or accompanying family or person on guard in this care
– Assists to others for health reasons, social protection or humanitarian assistance.
– To file complaints or complaints in the prosecutor’s office, the Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman or any criminal law enforcement body and to attend judicial or police stages.
– Participating in funerals (maximum 10 people, see below).
– Food shopping, meals, primary necessity or fuel goods, payments for electric, telecommunications or internet access services and access to financial services.
– Professional activity
– Who is not discharged in public service
– Those who are not discharged in private sector in allowed sectors of activity.
– Displacement as short as possible and only for intended purposes.
– Demanded document of obligation to attendance on site work
– Prohibition of the movement of public transportation throughout the Dili municipality area, such as microlets, boots and taxis.
– Closing of non-essential commercial, industrial and crafts or service establishments.
Essential sectors that can work.
– Places of sale of food, water and other essential goods (supermarkets, minimarkets or kiosks, medical or medicated care facilities, social protection facilities, pharmacies and gas resale posts) ….
– Electric power payment sites, internet access or telecommunications.
– media.
– Financial institutions, construction companies or construction related activities ′′ which are public procurement awarders ′′
– Providers of technical services for the maintenance, repair or operation of power plants or national power grid.
– Land, sea and air cargo transport companies.
– Place of sale of funeral materials or funeral services.
– Pest control and sewage cleaning service providers.
In all cases customers must wear a mask, sanitize their hands and maintain social distance, both while awaiting entry and inside the establishments.
– Home deliveries are permitted from other commercial, industrial, craft or service providers in the private sector of the economy
– Restaurants can only provide meals for pickup or delivery.
– People housed in hotels have to eat in their room.
– Dili, Manleuana and Taibessi municipal markets work with more limited hours and health rules.
– Walking vendors of primary necessity goods or services, including food, especially vegetables, and market sellers must respect the same health rules.
– Funeral ceremonies with more than ten people.
(and too many prohibitions on religious, sports, etc)
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