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Dili, 08 abr 2021 (Lusa) – The Timorese Government today declared ′′ calamity situation ′′ over a period of 30 days in Dili, due to the impact of floods that ravaged the capital over the weekend, a Executive member.
′′ The Government has decided to declare the situation of calamity in Dili over a period of 30 days, due to the impact of flooding “, announced Fidelis Magalhães, minister of Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
The situation of calamity does not apply to other municipalities in the country equally affected by bad weather, but where the executive does not consider a situation of calamity.
Within this framework, the Government also decided to ′′ mobilise international support to gather efforts to recover floods from April 04 “, he explained.
′′ Today the MNEC will coordinate with the various countries to mobilize the international support possible to support East Timor in their recovery effort “, said.
With regard to international support, Fidelis Magalhães indicated that ′′ it depends on each country “, but it covers both immediate emergency and reconstruction support.
′′ Technical support, helicopters to take goods to municipalities, resources, money or collaborate with Timor-Leste in rebuilding resiliently to avoid such damage in the future “, said.
Magellan also said that the executive decided to suspend mandatory confinement that applied due to covid-19 in Dili, to enable the population to respond to the emergency situation.
′′ The Council of Ministers today examined the impact report of the flood that occurred on April 04 and deliberated suspending general home confinement imposition on the population of Dili until the Government decides “, he explained.
′′ The health fence remains and anyone who needs to leave has to perform test and have permission from the Integrated Center for Crisis Management (IGC) “, stressed.
Fidelis Magalhães justified that the decision relates to the significant impact on the lives of the city’s population and the need to respond to several emergencies.
′′ People need to move around and we allow businesses to open up for people to buy food or everything they need for their survival. Public transportation can also work “, it considered.
Despite this, the ruler has called on the population to make maximum efforts to continue abiding by the rules of distancing, sanitising and wearing of masks.
No major agglomeration of people, such as schools, secular and religious celebrations or sporting activities continue.
The same measure applies to the municipalities of Baucau and Viqueque, where the health fence is maintained, but ′′ compulsory containment is suspended “.
Last weekend’s floods caused at least 42 dead and more than 14 displaced persons, affecting populations in various municipalities and causing damage to homes, businesses, schools and other public places, roads, bridges and other infrastructure.
A technical group of work has already been established that will be responsible for identifying collective public infrastructure and equipment that have been destroyed or damaged by flooding and for the formulation of proposals to rebuild or rehabilitate them.
In flooding areas and areas of instability of medium to very high hazardous strands, housing construction or rebuilding or any other actions or land use which may increase the risk of repetition of the event, or worsening its effects.
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