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Breaking: Covid-19: Timorese authorities announce new cases in Baucau and Suai
Dili, 05 mar 2021 (Lusa) – Timorese authorities announced today that they had detected six new positive cases of covid-19, one in the second Timorese city, Baucau, and five in the municipality of Covalima, where two were registered local transmission focuses.
The data was released by Rui Araújo, coordinator of the team for the prevention and mitigation of covid-19 of the Situation Room of the Integrated Center for Crisis Management (IGC), who explained that Covalima cases were recorded under the screening Contacts to initial outbreak focus.
Of the new cases in Covalima, and confirmed in the last two days, three were detected in the village of Baleo Ki ‘ik and two in the village of Maneki’ ik, both neighbors of Clau Halec village and all of the same juice, Belulic Leten, where it went detected original local transmission focus in this region.
Thus, and with these new cases, the total number of cases detected in this outbreak increases to 12
′′ Of the new confirmed cases, three are Fatumean Central Basic School students. All have already been transferred to isolation at the Vera Cruz Center, and surveillance teams continue to identify contacts, including at the school mentioned “, it explained.
With regard to Baucau’s case, Rui Araújo explained that the infection was confirmed on March 02, with a person travelling the day before from Dili to the second Timorese city, in public transport MABENIFA.
Around 20:00 March 02, neighbors reported that the person was not from Baucau and possibly would have traveled with contaminated people, and the surveillance team decided to take the test.
′′ The result of the sample came back positive, but the viral load was low, with a CT (cycle threshold) of 42,5. This means the infected is already at the recovery stage and the probability of contagion to other people was reduced “, He said it.
The test was repeated on March 04 and the result was negative, ′′ confirming the case is in recovery process.”
Despite this, the team decided to conduct tests on 17 people they were in contact with in Baucau (nine in that location) and during the trip, notably in the village of Holy Land, Madohi juice, in Dili (eight).
′′ All tests were negative, but despite this, all people were transferred to quarantine so they can be subjected to further testing “.
′′ There is no confirmation that the patient has made a trip out of East Timor and Dili in the last two months, nor out of the sanitary fence area. This could indict a lot and we’re checking to understand the source of infection in this case, including the possibility of having connection with the Fatumean case “, he explained.
Rui Araújo has left calls to passengers who may have travelled on the same bus to contact health authorities.
′′ I appeal to the population in Covalima, Baucau and Dili to calm down, not panic and not hear rumors. We need to give teams time on the ground to follow up contacts and testing “, said.
′′ I particularly appeal to people who traveled on this bus on March 01 from Dili to Baucau to please report to healthcare teams, so that they can be tested “, he said.
Rui Araújo confirmed that in addition to the six confirmed cases, there are four recovered, so there are 25 active cases currently in the country.
From the beginning of March and to this day, 57 people and one person have entered the country regularly, all quarantined.
Fidelis Magalhães, minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, told Lusa that despite the new cases, there are still no recommendations from the Integrated Center for Crisis Management (IGC) to change the existing measures, explaining that if these arise recommendations, the Government will act immediately.
The Government has scheduled an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers next Monday, with the agenda to include just approval of the roadmap for covid-19. vaccination.
The country currently has 129 people in quarantine, of whom 83 in Dili, 29 in Covalima, 11 in Bobonaro and 12 in the enclave of Oecusse.
There are 93 more in self-confidence, of which 87 in Covalima and six in the Oecusse enclave.
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