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Dili, 21 mar 2021 (Lusa) – Timorese authorities announced today that they have detected 43 new cases of covid-19 in Dili, eleven in Baucau and one in Viqueque, elevating to 206th total number of active cases in the country, new maxims.
Rui Araújo, coordinator of the team for the prevention and mitigation of covid-19 of the Situation Room of the Integrated Center for Crisis Management (IGC), explained that in the last 24 hours three patients have recovered from the disease.
The highest number of cases recorded, a total of 26, took place in the Village September 20 (Bebonuk) in Dili after a wide screening of contacts in the area.
Following the detection of cases, staff of the Timor-Leste National Police (PNTL) conducted an operation in the Bebonuk neighborhood, considered ′′ red zone “, to support surveillance teams in screening positive patient contacts.
Euclides Belo, according to PNTL commander in Dili, confirmed to Lusa that the operation intended to ensure, on the one hand, compliance with compulsory home confinement while at the same time permitting the testing of contacts of confirmed cases.
′′ It was an operation to ensure that people respect the rules of confinement and stay at home and so that medical teams can work on collecting contacts with positive cases “, said.
The spokesperson reiterated calls to the population to comply with mandatory home confinement rules, explaining that this is not occurring in neighborhoods like Bebonuk or others of large population density.
′′ More compliance with home confinement is needed. Sadly compliance is not being respected, particularly within the neighborhoods. The Beobonuk neighborhood is a concrete example, as others have stressed.
′′ It is important that people take into account that any agglomeration without personal protection increases the risk of transmitting this virus to others. Police authorities are studying ways to ensure there are no agglomerations within the neighborhoods “, it said.
Nine new cases were recorded in Bidau Tokobaru Village 2 (Culuhun), seven in Crickets Village (Gricenfor) and one in Berbidu Village (Becora).
′′ We completed a year today since we detected the first case of covid-19, on March 21, 2020. Most cases detected since then were imported or sporadic cases “, he explained.
′′ On February 22, we detected cases in Fatumean (Covalima) and Timor-Leste entered a new phase of transmission in outbreaks or local transmission, according to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO). From March the phenomenon of broadcasting in focus spread to Dili, Baucau and Viqueque “, recalled.
Rui Araújo announced even more 11 cases in Baucau, bringing to 19 the number of cases detected in the second city of the country, specifically in the village Builai (Buibau), and another in the village Mamaluk (Beloi), in the municipality of Viqueque.
Active cases include 46 asymptomatic and six with mild symptoms.
The IGC spokesperson further noted a first case considered ′′ moderate ′′ of a person who ′′ suffers chronic renal failure and receives haemodialysis ′′ and is currently ′′ stable ′′ at Vera Cruz isolation center.
There was also a case of a 27-year-old woman who was in isolation in Tasi Tolu and was transferred to isolation in Vera Cruz due to bleeding, the result of an abortion.
′′ You’re getting specialized treatment in Vera Cruz and you’re stable “, explained.
Meanwhile, Euclid Belo further told Lusa that police authorities arrested 13 people earlier today who tried to leave Dili City, without the necessary permits or without complying with the planned protocol.
The 12 men and a woman left without being detected from the fence area and were eventually arrested by police officers in the municipality of Manatuto who accompanied them afterwards and delivered to the authorities in Dili.
′′ The process of identifying the detainees is being carried out “, he said.
Rui Araújo explained that ′′ the vast majority of cases in isolation are asymptomatic, with less than 10 % with mild symptoms and only a moderate case “, that of the patient with haemodialise treatment.
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