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Dili, 24 ago 2021 (Lusa) – Timor Leste today recorded a record of daily cases with 532 new infections in the last 24 hours, recording two more deaths, both in Dili, authorities reported.
Data released by the Integrated Center for Crisis Management (IGC) confirm that new cases have been detected in virtually all municipalities, except Aileo, with the highest number, 298, detected in Dili and 90 detected in Baucau.
The two deaths recorded in Dili increased the total deaths of infected people in the capital to 42, and the national total to 51, with more than half of the total recorded in August alone.
One of the dead is an unvaccinated 35-year-old woman who was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure syndrome on August 22 and passed away today at Lahane isolation center. The second deadly victim is a 65-year-old, unvaccinated man who was detected the same syndrome on Monday, and who passed away in the same isolation center.
Officials conducted 1.900 tests nationwide in the last 24 hours. The national incidence rate continues to rise now by 21,7 per 100 thousand inhabitants, while the municipality of Dili has reached its peak since the beginning of the pandemic, with 51,6 per 100 thousand inhabitants.
Also during the last 24 hours, authorities have recorded 97 recovered cases, currently there are 3.816 active cases, a new maximum, of which 2.019 in Dili and 740 in Ermera, which remains as the second area of the country with the highest number of cases.
New cases recorded by the ICC consolidate August as the worst since the beginning of the pandemic, with authorities attributing to the high number of transmission, which also covers already vaccinated people, the impact of the Delta variant that is already dominant in the capital and in ermera
Meanwhile, the national parliament today gave permission to the President of the Republic to decree a new 30-day emergency period, the 16. th since the beginning of the pandemic.
The Timorese Government meets in the Council of Minister on Wednesday to examine the country’s epidemiological situation and to set out possible further measures to be implemented, with the CICG itself advocates the enforcement of mandatory confinement and various health fences in the country.
Over the past week reports of infected people in various institutions have increased, included in the Presidency of the Republic, Parliament and the Government.
Former Prime Minister Mário Alcani announced today, in a social network Facebook post, that he himself is infected.
The number of hospitalizations continues to rise, putting redoubled pressure on the entire healthcare system as dozens of healthcare professionals in the country are infected, reducing resources available to respond to the pandemic.
Today there are 69 people in Vera Cruz and Lahane isolation centers, including 20 in serious condition, four with fan, one with CPAP (continuous positive pressure machine on airway) and 14 with oxygen ….
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