Home Confinement 27th August to 2nd Sept – Dili


Thus, the general home confinement of all persons residing or currently in the Municipality of Dili, who must remain in their homes or in their places of temporary accommodation, including reception centers, is imposed, except in the situations provided for in this diploma , namely, for reasons of health, work, access to essential goods and services and to receive the vaccine against COVID-19

The circulation of public transport in the entire area of ​​the Municipality of Dili is prohibited, including taxis, microlets, bus and boats.

Collective religious celebrations are prohibited and the organization and performance of funeral ceremonies involving the participation of more than ten people is prohibited. at least one meter in relation to other people present at the ceremony.

All commercial, industrial, craft or service establishments are closed to the public, with the exception of establishments for the sale of food and other essential goods, electricity, telecommunications, medical care, pharmacies, health posts. fuel and financial institutions.

Restaurants can provide take-away or home delivery meals and other establishments that are closed to the public can develop their activity through home delivery services.

It allows the activity of street vendors of food and other essential goods. The municipal markets of Manleuana and Taibessi remain open between 6 am and 6 pm.



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