Covid-19: Government renews health fence in Dili, removes fence in Baucau

Dili, July 07, 2021 (Lusa) – The Timorese government today decided to renew for another week, until July 15, the sanitary fence in force in Dili due to the covid-19 pandemic, lifting the measure in the country’s second city, Baucau .

The decision was announced by the executive after today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers, which heard presentations on the national epidemiological situation by officials in the situation room of the Integrated Center for Crisis Management (CIGC).

“The ban on the movement of people between the municipality of Dili and other administrative districts is maintained, except in duly substantiated cases for reasons of public safety, public health, humanitarian assistance, maintenance of public supply systems or public interest fulfillment ”, says the Government.

“The individuals who prove that they have been fully vaccinated (two doses) against COVID-19, as well as children under the age of six who accompany them, are not covered by this ban”, he stresses.

During today’s meeting, the Government heard details of the vaccination process in the country, and until July 6, the authorities had already administered 243,949 doses out of a total of 359,800 received so far in the country.

Em concreto chegaram ao país, no caso da AstraZeneca, 124.800 doses oferecidas através do mecanismo Covax e mais 135 mil oferecidas pela Austrália e mais 100 mil doses da Sinovac, oferecidas pela China.

A nível nacional, 217.677 pessoas (28,7% da população com mais de 18 anos) já receberam a primeira dose e 26.272 pessoas (3,5%) já completaram a vacinação.

No Município de Díli, já foi administrada a primeira dose da vacina a 115.737 pessoas (54,1%) e 14.418 pessoas já receberam as duas doses (6,74%).

Timor-Leste tem atualmente 942 casos ativos em todo o país, com casos de infeção em todos os municípios menos em Lautem e Liquiçá, com 9.558 casos e 25 mortes registadas desde o início da pandemia.




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COVID-19 Timor-Leste