Timorese government applies mandatory confinement in Dili for seven days – LUSA

Google Translate: Dili, 25 ago 2021 (Lusa) – The Timorese Government has today decided to apply mandatory confinement to the entire population of Dili, to try to control the transmission of the delta variant of the new coronavirus, for seven days from Friday …. The Government said that ′′ the general household confinement of the …

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Home Confinement 27th August to 2nd Sept – Dili

http://timor-leste.gov.tl/?p=29249&lang=tp Thus, the general home confinement of all persons residing or currently in the Municipality of Dili, who must remain in their homes or in their places of temporary accommodation, including reception centers, is imposed, except in the situations provided for in this diploma , namely, for reasons of health, work, access to essential goods …

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Timorese government again suspends in-person teaching in Dili – LUSA

Machine Translated: Dili, 17 ago 2021 (Lusa) – The Ministry of Education today announced new suspension of in-person teaching in all public and private schools in the municipality of Dili until at least August 31, due to increased cases of covid-19. A dispatch signed today by the Minister of Education, Armindo Maia, determines the immediate …

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Timor records yet another death and cases rise nationwide – LUSA

Machine Translation: Dili, 15 ago 2021 (Lusa) – East Timor today recorded another death of a person infected with SARS-CoV-2, bringing to 30 the total deaths associated with the pandemic, with the number of new cases rising nationwide. According to the Integrated Center for Crisis Management (IGC) today, the victim was a 76-year-old male, with …

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